The Ordering Process

You don't need to send us a full technical engineering drawing with bells and whistles etc.
A simple hand drawn sketch will be fine.
Something like this:


  What information do we need?

  First; we need to know the diameter of the main tube. In most cases this will be either 54mm, 67mm or 76mm,
although larger units might be anything from 108mm to 219mm.

Then we need the number, diameter and position of the connections. These will usually be 22mm to 54mm. Most customers want copper stub pipes, but we can fit BSP male or female brass fittings, compression brass fittings or copper sockets. Basically, whatever's easiest to connect into the surrounding pipework.

Connections are usually around 100mm-150mm apart, but remember that primary and secondary connections are usually offset and shouldn't directly face each other. The distance between the flow and return should be a minimum of 600mm.

Also you might need a pocket for a temperature sensor probe.
The number and diameter of the connections will probably set the overall length, but if you have limited space, there might be a maximum length within which we have to work.

That's usually about it. From this we should be able to produce a full CAD drawing.
To make it a bit easier you can download a blank pdf drawing here: Blank drawing
Simply print off the drawing and add your connections and dimensions. Then fax it back to us.


  We'll produce a CAD (computer aided design) drawing from your sketch and also give you a price. We'll either fax, email or post this straight back. (whichever way suits you). We always produce our own CAD drawing, just to make sure
we've understood exactly want you want.

          cad drawing

We can produce a variety of connection types: Most commonly stub pipes 100mm to 150mm long, but also male or female BSP
brass fittings, compression fittings or copper sockets.
If the drawing and the price look OK send an order and we'll return a pro-forma invoice.
Goods are only despatched on receipt of payment for the full amount.

      This all sounds very simple, but what if I'm not sure what I need?

 I've been told I need a Header but don't know what it does, where it goes, or what it looks like.
Right;  All our headers are custom made, and unfortunately we can't come out and measure the job or design the system,
but speak to us, we can give you some basic assistance with sizes and layout. A few rules of thumb as it were. Also, if you
look at the Header basics page on our site you should get a little more understanding of what they're all about.

When ordered a unit usually takes 3-5 days to manufacture and is then sent out on an overnight carrier. All of the units are
made from BS standard components and fully pressure tested. The unit comes complete with all fixings. To make sure they
arrive undamaged, units are packed in hand made wooden crates and shipped immediately.

If you have any requirements in copper tube prefabrication send us a sketch and let us quote. I think you'll be
pleased with our competitive prices and fast service.

Standard copper tube diameters: (this is the outside diameter of the tube)
6mm,  8mm,  10mm,  12mm,  15mm,  22mm,  28mm,  35mm,  42mm,
54mm,  67mm,  76mm,  108mm,  133mm,  159mm,  219mm

Commonly used standard BSP diameters:
¼",  ½",   ¾",  1",   1¼",   1½",  2",  2½",  3"

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