76mm low loss header with
         auto air vent & drain off.

67mm unit

For more information about what a Low Loss Header does, and what information we'll need to know to make one for you, go to Header basics
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        Copper Tube prefabrication specialists.

Specializing in making custom copper tube assemblies, everything from
micro-bore to 6" diameter pipe sizes. We offer a made to order service for: Low loss headers, Sedimentation vessels, mains water, heating and solar manifolds.

Also, where there are difficult sections of pipework: complex boiler room layouts with multiple Tees, elbows on large bore pipe etc, we can help by making up these sections and having them delivered on site the day you specify.

Many of the large installers use us on a day to day basis to produce sections of pipework that they feel are to difficult or uneconomic to put together on site, either collecting or having them delivered as needed. This provides them with sections of pipework that are neat, accurate and fully pressure tested. Reducing leaks and improving the look of the installation.

Because of the care and attention taken in producing clear drawings for the customer we're sure before we start manufacture that we know exactly what is required. All drawings are checked and passed by the customer before any work commences. We also realize that you can't afford to wait weeks and weeks to for a component, so from your sketch we should be able to send back a drawing and price the same day.

When ordered a unit usually takes 3-5 days to manufacture and is then sent out on an overnight carrier. We also offer an "AM" service which means units will arrive before 12:00 next day.
All of the units are made from BS standard components and are fully pressure tested. We also supply all wall fixings and screws etc. To make sure they arrive undamaged, units are packed in hand made wooden crates and shipped immediately.
If you have any requirements in copper tube prefabrication send us a sketch and let us quote. I think you'll be surprised at our competitive prices and fast service.

Original component specification:
Copper tube BS EN 1057,
Copper Fittings BS EN 1254,
Brazing alloy EN 1044 ( CP 203 phos O ),
Brazing Flux: "F" EN 1045.

  • Please note: We're not able to manufacture in steel.

  • For a few examples have a look through our Header and Manifold Gallery
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    For a lot more look in our Photo slideshow
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    small manifold.


    A complicated small unit. 67mm dia body with one 54mm port and 22mm/28mm stubs.

    • stub pipes
    • copper dome caps in each end
    • 15mm stubs top & bottom

    with flanges.


    Two units with a 67mm main body and bi-metal PN16 flanges at one end.

    • PN 16 bi-metal flanges
    • spun end
    • female "BSP" brass fitting

    45 deg angle.


    A large diameter (108mm 45' elbow with 22mm, 28mm and 54mm stub pipes)

    • Dome end caps
    • 22mm and 28mm stub pipes
    • 54mm incoming port

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