Compact Filter Chiller (project).

The compact Filter/Chiller is a unique product that will both filter and chill drinking water within a single unit. It is situated in the cupboard beneath a household sink and be plumbed directly into the mains water supply with electrical power supplied at twenty four volts from low voltage Switchmode power transformer.

Water is delivered to the user from either a stand-alone sink mounted tap, or a three-way tap with a dedicated chilled line.

Measuring just 365mm x 120mm x 225mm the unit is extremely compact and when installed will take up little of the limited space available beneath a sink. Installation is straightforward and should be well within the capability of anyone competent at DIY.

Once installed the unit will produce 2 to 3 litres of filtered and chilled water per hour and well over 30 litres per day. More than enough for the average family.

The temperature of the chilled water is set by the user at temperatures between 6 and 12 degrees C with an internal thermostat maintaining the water temperature at all times. Programming the unit is simple with a mode button, up or down temp settings and a final set button. Also included is an indicator LED showing when the filter needs changing.

The filter is changed by turning the quarter turn bayonet top and lifting out. The filter is attached to the cap and can be unscrewed and replaced, The cap and filter are then re-inserted, turned and locked. Mains water and electrical power must be turned off during this process.

Power consumption is around 100 watts when chilling and less than 1 watt in standby.

This product is still in the prototype stage and is not on sale at the moment.

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