V.A.Heating Ltd is a small family owned manufacturing company, established in 1967 and based in Stoke-on-Trent.

We specialize in three main areas: water treatment products for the domestic, commercial and industrial market.
For the solar industry we make: cylinder converters, solar manifolds and a range of custom made
copper tube assemblies for the heating industry.

Over the last forty years we have been involed in various products ranging from the developement of electrolytic
and magnetic scale inhibitors to domestic undersink filter/chillers.

The custom made copper tube assemblies comprise mainly of low loss headers, sedimentation vessels,
mains water and solar manifolds.
Our specific technical knowledge here centres on: Brazing, spinning and brass fitting manufacture.

Starting out over forty years ago as heating installer and manufacturer, we have considerable knowledge
of the industry from both sides. Although we don't do any site work now, we understand the problems
and difficulties faced by installers.

Our custom tube assembly service is quick and straight forward, whilst making sure all the details are accurate.
You can order custom made units from us in the knowledge that we will make sure we fully understand
all of your requirements.